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I am a Grand Prize winner! I can’t believe!!
18 Jan

Yesterday I have got such a great news!!!
I checked my e-mails and… of them contained these:
We announced the winners of the Best of Weddings contest at the trade show, and the winning images were displayed throughout the show at our booth. We had tons of comments about them, all of them positive. Great job! The quality of the images submitted last year was wonderful, but I believe all of you took the competition up a notch this year. I’ve spoken with all the judges, and they unanimously say that the contest was a true delight to judge. Moreover, the scoring average on the finalist images was slightly higher than last year, again a testament to the work you all put into the images.This year’s Best of Images winners are:

Weddings: Yuliya Shevchenko with “Safari”
Portrait: Paul Tsang with “The Clocksmith”
Humor: Pam Hawkins with “Divas”
Landscape: Ben Frederick with “Nexus of the Seasons”
Fine Art: Paul Tsang with “The Chase”

And the Grand Prize winner is Yuliya Shevchenko with “Your Letters”

AAAAAAAAAA!!!! I can’t believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oooo! I’m sssoooo excited! Thank you, Sandie for such a good news! It is an honor to know that judges have chosen my work for the grand prize and the winner of wedding category.
My best wishes and congradulations to Pam, Paul and Ben!!!
Below you can find my two picture-winners:


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    Congrats guys! "Your Letters" is truly a work of art.

    Keep in touch and talk to you soon.
    January 23rd, 2008
    Darling Yuka!
    Congratulations from Kiev!!!
    You-The Best and beautiful!
    person of manifold gifts ;)

    Many kisses,
    January 29th, 2008
    Darling Julenka!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We congratulate happy birthday!!!
    We wish good luck, health, love and success in a life and creativity!
    Dare, create and there will be a success.
    We kiss!
    February 2nd, 2008

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